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End of Life Services

We can customize end of life services to meet you needs. 
Vigil Package - starting at $1,475

The vigil package includes planning sessions, vigil support, and initial bereavement support. Services under  may include:

  • Create your care plan for dying. (What matters to you? What are your options?)

  • Connection and support for you and your loved ones through end of life and early stages of dying

  • Vigil support throughout active dying process

  • Initial bereavement support (immediately following death) 

  • Closing ritual in the early weeks after the death

  • Resource referrals

Legacy Project - $295 and up

Create a tangible gift of legacy for your loved ones to remember you by. We will guide you through the process of planning and creating a fully customized project.

Living Funeral - $450

Some choose this option in lieu of a funeral after death. A celebration of life is a rich opportunity for the person who is dying to connect with loved ones to grieve, laugh and celebrate together.

  • Create a custom plan for a 2 hour party, including the person who is dying

  • Offer assistance and guidance on the day of events to ensure a smooth celebration

In Home Funeral - starting at $650

After a loved one dies it is your right to keep the body at home or bring the body home, as opposed to having it taken to a funeral home. It is a safe, legal and healing way to grieve and celebrate. We plan and guide you through the experience.

  • Create a plan for the custom home funeral

  • Assist and guide loved ones through after death care as planned

  • Manage care of the body during the home funeral

  • Manage guests and assorted logistics, as planned, in the “home”

  • Assist and guide loved ones through disposition with a funeral director

Hourly Support Services
  • These visits serve different needs and may include meditation, comfort care, emotional/spiritual support for the dying and their loved ones, respite for caregivers, light tidying and household tasks.

  • Our hourly rate is $75 (two hour minimum). Prices may vary depending on the services selected.

  • 4 hour - $275

  • 6 hour - $400

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