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End of Life Chicago

A collective of doulas for people facing death and dying.
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We are Death Doulas

We are a group of doulas who provide compassionate guidance on end-of-life matters. We serve people facing life-limiting illness or increasing frailty. We advocate for patients, consult with loved ones, develop death plans, assist vigils, perform after death care, plan living and home funerals and provide referrals of all kinds.

Doula Sevices

Death Doula Services

We listen. It is difficult to sit with the truth of dying. It can be an isolating journey, even when surrounded by friends and family. We bring a sense of calm and peace  when everything seems to be falling apart. We show you ways to regain some control.  We remind you to take care of yourself and to ask for help.


We prepare you to say goodbye, thank you, I forgive you and I'm sorry. 

We support the dying and their loved ones.

More Abot Us

More About Us

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Jessica Loesel

Jessica completed the University of Vermont’s End of Life Doula Program in 2019. She has experience as an in-home caregiver, a Certified Nursing Assistant and hospice volunteer. Jessica was raised close to the land and nature and is a long time yoga practitioner. She has been comfortable with the topic of death since childhood and has extensive personal experience with loss and grief. She is a member of National Home Funeral Alliance and National End of Life Doula Alliance.


Jennifer Ostermeier

Jennifer completed end of life specialist training in September of 2019. Her volunteer work for hospice and her work as a doula has enhanced her appreciation for difficult conversations and the power of listening. Jennifer's interest in death and dying began at a young age when she was in a near fatal car accident. Jennifer is a storyteller who is inspired by how life affirming facing death can be.


"Jennifer and Jessica were amazing. My only regret is that we didn't meet them sooner. They did a wonderful job with my husband and his legacy project. Even though there were some surprises, they were available and willing to help in any way they could. They wound up joining the family in many ways. There is no way not to be like "family" in such an intimate time. They helped with the unplanned and logistics we weren't able to prepare for. They gave us the gift of my husband's wishes being honored in the most important ways."

Caitlin, Forest Park

Kathy, Carol Stream

Brynn, Oak Park

"If you are a caretaker walking someone home, DO NOT do it alone. Hospice is not enough support. I was terrified and alone caring for my strong-willed 43-year old husband Jeremy in his final days. I needed in-person support. Having someone here who is comfortable around death was a tremendous relief. Jennifer knew what was happening and how to care for him (and me). Before he passed I was able to read messages to him from friends and family. The only reason I was emotionally capable of reading them was because Jennifer was sitting with me. After he passed, Jennifer was present for the next 24 hours handling parts of the process that were more difficult than I could have imagined. She was a Godsend."

"Jennifer's knowledge, toughness, humor compassion and kindness was a great help to us when my mother-in-law entered hospice. She advocated for improved medical equipment and around the clock pain medication. She served as a liaison between the family and facility staff. Most of all, she was born to do this work. She understands grief and is filled with empathy and compassion. It was so comforting to have her assist us on this "journey."

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